FacilitiesMondomarine designs, constructs and carries out the engineering to its yachts at its production site at Savona. The yard is positioned on the sea front and stretches over 35,000 square meters, 9,500 of which are covered.

There are wharves reaching out over 100 metres in length to accommodate maxi yachts. A 820-ton travel lift, one of the largest in the Mediterranean, and a 300-ton cradle are part of the equipment; the yard is in fact provided with all the structures needed to build and to repair ships of considerable dimensions, avoiding the use of dry docks and leveraging on being so close to the sea that transportation is always minimised.

The full-cycle production site provides work for about 600 people today, employed both in the construction of Mondomarine yachts and in repair and refit activities. Mondomarine Repair & Refit has achieved worldwide success in the superyacht repair and refit sector, thanks to the yard’s know-how and impressive facilities.

The division carries out all types of maintenance and refitting programmes: structural modifications to the hull, interior design, furniture restyling and instrument tuning. The yard has its own workshop to offer mechanical assistance and engine repair as well as a carpentry workshop, a metal workshop and an area reserved for painting