MOHAMEDIASince the very beginning the shipyard’s activity covered from repair to transformation to naval construction, guaranteeing a flexible approach to work in the years to come. For decades, the maintenance of ships that stopped over in Savona for commercial reasons was the main source of work for Campanella, and when the maritime activity was below average the shipyard was able to participate to projects aimed to dry land. During the Second World War, Campanella contributed to the improvement of Navy’s warships while after its end, its energies were invested in the reconstruction of damaged buildings and equipments and in the renewal of the Italian merchant fleet.

The Fifties are the years of the so called naval surgery, an activity that became soon fundamental for the shipyard’s business, involved in complex and demanding repairing and
transformation projects.

The Seventies correspond to a period of further enlargement of the shipyard that in 1977 is completely modernised and ready for the new challenges.

In the same years the shipyard enter the yacht building field, collecting immediately a great success also thanks to the “Mohamedia”, a 48 metres yacht owned by Adnan Khashoggi that in 1975 was awarded with a special prize by Lloyd’s Register for its being an icon in terms of quality and modernity.

The last decades of the 20th century have seen the shipyard struggling against a period of crisis that involved shipbuilding in general. Even in this hard scenario Cantieri Navali Campanella was able to maintain the shipyard active and to slowly recover from the moment of austerity it had to face. It is in the early nineties that the production focused on custom made yachts over 40 metres in aluminum alloy and steel, built in the Cantieri Navali Campanella shipyard and signed by Mondomarine.